Friday, February 15, 2019

Psalms Coloring Book from Japanese publisher Olives

My new coloring book "Coloring book for adults with scripture verses from Psalm" in English and Japanese was released this month. This is my first book I worked with publisher in Japan, so I feel very honored and blessed.

Even though I call Hawai'i my home now, being born and raised in Japan and visit my family regularly there, part of my heart is always with Japan. I dedicated this book to my mom, who is paralyzed in right side arm four years ago by stroke, and started coloring for her left hand rehab.
During working on this project, God had taught me so much about His love and care, not only for my mom but for me and entire family.  This book became so dear to my heart.
Japan has only less than 1% of Christian population, and I went to Japan mission trip six time sincere prayer is that this little coloring book will be used as a ministry tool to bring God's words to their lives.

They are plants and animals from Bible to color, with scriptures from Book of Psalms. It is available only in Japan so far (, but hopefully soon in Amazon.
Publisher: Olives (