Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Momi - a free coloring paperdoll

I made a free Momi coloring paper doll for ocean loving keiki (children) or anyone who is kid at heart :D

Momi mean "pearl" in Hawaiian. In natural world pearls are formed and become more "pure" in oysters in response to an irritant. I think of this as us becoming more pure and more like Jesus, in response to our world experiences in our Father's hands with His love. Matthew 13:45-46 talks about the story of "pearl".

I hope you are all well and healthy during this difficult time of Covid-19.

Momi 1

Momi 2

Keiki Heroes website is Live!

Keiki Heroes website is Live! 

Kai and Hoku - our Keiki Heroes - would like to help Hawaii's keiki (children) learn healthy habits to keep themselves and their 'ohana (family) safe during the pandemic. 

You can download free posters, flyers, and coloring sheets from their website, You can also read the story about them and their animal friends: Ola the mynah bird and Laulima the gecko.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Keiki Heroes project

Last few weeks, I had the privilege to work with community design team on "Keiki Heroes" project, that to help children in Hawai'i to cope with covid-19, based on the values of kindness and compassion.
I was asked to do in comic style, so it's my first experience. Our first phase is almost done, and two designs of posters/flyers were delivered to various schools and libraries. Free coloring pages will be available soon from
Praying for children during this difficult times.