Friday, August 10, 2018

New! 10 Little Geckos: Hawaiian Count-Down

Juggling with my day job of being a high school teacher and doing all my art things is sometimes...challenging, but I am so so thankful to God for these beautiful and colorful experiences in my life.

My newest book "10 Little Geckos: Hawaiian Count-Down: is finally here! I'm so excited to see this book came out very beautifully and cute:) The book is Hawaiian version of a popular count-down rhyme and I had this idea about 7 years ago or so... and wrote it, edit it, illustrated it, modified it many this one! As usual with all my recent books, I merged both hand-drawn elements and digital collage, and the funnest part of illustrating this book was to incorporate the fun-messy-textures to the background.

10 Little Geckos is an adorable Little Rainbow Reader book that teaches young children counting in an engaging and colorful way. The book follows ten multicolored geckos and their adventures under the Hawaiian sun. They visit their friends all throughout the islands including a dolphin, a mynah bird, and even a hula dancing girl! 10 Little Geckos follows an engaging rhyming pattern that tells a cute story while making it easier for children to memorize numbers. Each page also features the Hawaiian word for the numbers one through ten. It is sure to be a favorite among keiki! Hardcover. 23 pages. Available from  $12.95, and soon from Amazon.

10 Little Geckos:Hawaiian Count Down
written and illustrated by Yuko Green
Island Heritage Publishing @2018

10 ('umi) first spread
10 little geckos waking up in the morning and and ready for the day's adventures
3 ('ekolu)
in the afternoon toward the evening, geckos going home
and now only 3 left

Thursday, February 1, 2018

illustrations for "10 Little Geckos" finished!

My first post this year. May your new year filled with peace, growth, and discovery of new things. As for me, last year was yes, many discoveries, learning (yes always) and growth. 

My motto this year is to trust God, trust my journey...
Many things in my life for last few years asked me who I wanted to be, what I really wanted to do, be really honest with myself (and be a little bit bolderšŸ˜Š).  So I decide to give myself permission to take more chances to explore new ways to do my art. I was always attracted to beautiful messy canvas textures, so I made collage painting on canvases and merged them into my digital collage as background... I also played more with photoshop and what fun I had, I was like a child again! I really enjoyed the whole process of making this book. 

I wrote this story "10 Little Gecko" about 10 years ago, and was accepted by my publisher last spring. With my day job as a high school teacher and all other things, the process was slow with a big learning curve, but I am so happy with the results. I finished all illustration finally working from summer. It will come out for 2018 ChristmasšŸŽ„from Island Heritage Publishing. For more details of my books and illustrations, please check my instagram

cover sketches
10 Little Geckos by Yuko Green
almost there...cover illustration
10 Little Geckos by Yuko Green