Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tales of Tutu Nene and Nele

Tales of Tutu Nene and Nele (written by Gale Bates, illustrated by Yuko Green. (c) 2011 Island Heritage Publishing ISBN: 1-61710-087-0)

My new book came out yesterday:) This is an Island Heritage classic that has been updated with my illustration for 2011 edition. To enhance and deliver the feelings of the soft-feathery touch of Hawaiian nene goose, I used paper collage technique for this revised edition. In spite of my concern about expressing the neutral colors of this bird, I believe it came out all well and printed beautifully (thanks to the effort of product development department of the publisher). It is always a surprise to some degree how the colors change in printing from my original artwork, especially using various types of textual papers from around the world combined with my watercolor backgrounds, but this book came out very close to my original colors, and I am so happy about this.
This was my fifth book done in this style, and I continually enjoy this method to illustrate picture book. I think interesting dimensions created by textual papers is somewhat 3-d image and fun to look at for children. A first child whom I showed this book kept trying to touch the paper textures (which is actually flat in printed paper, of course). I am also thankful for talented author, Gale Bates who wrote this story to  bring awareness to preservation of the nene goose.  Can be purchased from

Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Awesome World!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this awesome book called "An Awesome Book of Thanks" illustrated by Dallas Clayton (AmazonEncore, 2010).

I loved it instantly - colorful child-like illustrations and rhyming story with a sweet heart-felt message of  sharing; sharing the world, sharing everything, lives we are given, and be grateful for all the wonderful things. It is unusual (for picture book) 84 pages long! Yet very suitable for young children as the poem is read like a quiet and soothing song accompanied with fun and capturing illustrations. You can even read the entire book online for free. This book is Clayton's second book, a sequel to his first popular book "An Awesome Book" that he wrote to his five-year-old son initially. 

This is an extra special book that touched so many people, including kids and big kids all over. It is about dreaming BIG, dreaming a dream ten times as big and keep dreaming "your" dreams. When I read this book it made my day, and I am sure it will do the same to you. Here you can read the entire book online for free. Cherish your dream~:D

the dot

Peter H. Reynolds' book "the dot" (Candlewick Press, 2003) has been loved by kids and adult kids all around the world since its debut. It has inspired me lots of times as an artist and art teacher, and taught me the purpose of doing art. There is even an "International Dot Day" on September 15 to celebrate and share your creativity with the  world.

Vashti is a typical child who insists that she can't draw...until one day her art teacher inspired her to open her eyes and heart to discover her own creativity (which was always there in her).
Huge dots, little dots, dots without painting dots...many many happy, joyful and creative dots! :D

This book is perfect for younger children who naturally love to experiment mixing and playing with colors, but also (and especially) for older children (4th-5th graders in my art room) who decide they aren't artists...anymore... The book teaches them there aren't any strict "rules" to expressing themselves in art. The rules are there to make things clear but not the starting points. Another wonderful art-picture book I keep in my shelf :)