Thursday, November 3, 2011

the dot

Peter H. Reynolds' book "the dot" (Candlewick Press, 2003) has been loved by kids and adult kids all around the world since its debut. It has inspired me lots of times as an artist and art teacher, and taught me the purpose of doing art. There is even an "International Dot Day" on September 15 to celebrate and share your creativity with the  world.

Vashti is a typical child who insists that she can't draw...until one day her art teacher inspired her to open her eyes and heart to discover her own creativity (which was always there in her).
Huge dots, little dots, dots without painting dots...many many happy, joyful and creative dots! :D

This book is perfect for younger children who naturally love to experiment mixing and playing with colors, but also (and especially) for older children (4th-5th graders in my art room) who decide they aren't artists...anymore... The book teaches them there aren't any strict "rules" to expressing themselves in art. The rules are there to make things clear but not the starting points. Another wonderful art-picture book I keep in my shelf :)