Tuesday, December 27, 2011

metal embossing

Our 3rd to 5th graders tried on metal embossing and they had really good time (and outcome was amazing!). It is a century-old art form of relief sculpture in many parts of the world; called repousse or repajado (Mexico and South America). The designs are pressed with tools (we used colored pencils) into a sheet of metal to create 3-dimensional artwork. 
I ordered all materials from dickblick.com and please refer to their "teacher pages" for more detailed instructions. For my limited time frame I have simplified the project. Students really loved this project, but I recommend very easy, abstract designs, instead of concrete designs which will take long hours even for adults. I also recommend a small size as shown here.

Materials (per student)
Amaco ArtEmboss Soft Metal Sheets (I cut into 1/4 sheet per student)
Colored pencils (metallic colored pencils worked well too)
Copy papers for sketch (I cut into 1/4 sheet)
Small magazines, one per student
Optional (mat board 6.5" x 8", 2 mini pop dots)


1.  Draw your design in a copy paper.
2.  Tape your design in the middle of metal sheet (so it won't move) and trace and press the     design onto metal sheet with a pencil. Remove the copy paper.
3.  Turn the metal sheet over. You can see the traced design is raised in front. Use colored pencils to color around this raised lines with some press, this will define raised edges. Suggest students not to press very hard, as it will make holes.

4.  After student finish coloring, mount the embossing work on mat board with  2 pop dots, so the work is raised from the board.