Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bible Fun Activity Book

Bible Fun Activity Book (written and illustrated by Yuko Green. (c) 2012 Yuko Green. Dover Publications ISBN-10: 0-486-48251-0) 46 pages

My first Bible theme book! This is an activity book to introduce children to the stories of the Old Testament with puzzles, such as crosswords, mazes, word searches, hidden pictures, secret codes and other activities. Each of the 35 puzzle pages is based on a specific story from the Old Testament and includes a caption with a Bible chapter and verse. Children can help Noah's dove find its way from the ark to dry land, connect the dots to discover who tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden, fill in the letters to find out what King Solomon's one wish was, and solve a coded message to figure out the meaning of Jacob's dream. Solutions included. My prayer is that these puzzles help children know some of these Bible stories while entertaining them. This is also the first book I illustrated all by computer. 
The book can be found here.