Wednesday, August 29, 2012

picture book app!

My very first picture book app (for iPad and iPhone), "Song of the Sea: ocean animals coloring book" was published last week from interactive touch book (, so yay!

It is my first effort for digital picture activity book, and I happened to build this myself (with necessity) with lots of technical assistance from the publisher :) The book is a combination of coloring book of ocean animals and their sounds. While a child enjoy coloring 10 ocean critters, he/she can listen to the sounds of dolphin clicking, whale singing, seal calling and more. Plus, there are fun games and puzzles, such as word search, crossword, maze, and secret code included. It can be downloaded from the bookstore in their website or iTune store for $1.99. 21 pages, targeted for ages 2-6.

Song of the Sea: ocean animals coloring book
Picture activity book App from
interactive touch book